Ontario Savings Bonds 2013

Ontario Savings Bonds 2013

Total sales for the 2013 OSB campaign are $445 million.

2013 Bond Rates

Types of Ontario Savings Bonds

To best meet your investment needs, we offer three types of Ontario Savings Bonds. All are available with annual or compound interest.

  • Fixed-Rate - Choose a term of 3 years or 10 years and keep the same competitive rate for the full term.
  • Step-Up Rate - Competitive interest rate increases each year for its 5-year term.
  • Variable-Rate - A new rate is set every year for three years.
    Note: The rate on the 2009 to 2012 Variable-Rate Bond is also reset annually. The rate on the Variable-Rate bonds issued prior to 2009 continues to be reset every six months, on June 21 and December 21, until their respective maturity date.

How to Buy and Redeem

OSBs can be purchased in person at banks, trust companies, participating credit unions, caisses populaires or by contacting an investment dealer.

All matured bonds can be redeemed at any time after maturity. Bring your bonds to your financial institution, trust company, caisse populaire, credit union or contact your investment dealer.

Variable-Rate Bonds issued prior to 2009 and Step-Up Rate Bonds can be redeemed before their maturity date on June 21 and December 21. Series 2009 to 2013 Variable-Rate Bonds can be redeemed on
June 21 only.

All bondholders have up to 14 calendar days to redeem their bonds.

Fixed-Rate bonds cannot be redeemed before their maturity date.

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